Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy will explain why we collect information and how it is useful to us. Our privacy policy shows how we manage and process information to give you a better educational experience. We show our commitment to privacy and offer a secure environment to share personal information. 

When we collect personal details?
We do not ask personal information when you visit our site. Once you fill the form we get all your personal information.

What personal information do we collect from people?
When you register with our coaching center through the online site we ask you to fill the form which has a name, email address, phone number, etc. These are some basic details but when you enter some contest or get some paid products we will also take payment account information.

How do we use your information?
  • - The information which is provided by you can help to know us about your individual needs and it helps to give better experience.
  • - We need to improve the performance of our website and so we work based on information and feedback received from you.
  • - The information which is obtained to use can help to improve our customer service. It would help to know our clients better and try to satisfy them.
  • - There are site features, promotion and survey which becomes easy to advertise through the information that we receive from you.
  • - To update and send you timely information the details that we obtain prove very useful. This would be very easy for us to connect and communicate with you.

How we offer data security?
Today safety is an important concern to everyone and so people avoid sharing their personal information. We have technical security to secure your confidential data and maintain integrity. The data stored in our system goes through extensive security measures to avoid any security issues.

The payment transaction is done through a secure medium to avoid any disputes. We send your payment details to our secure payment service provider and if there's any issue

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